Reston Herndon QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Services

Reston Herndon QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services

Grouped by Package

Call for help with:

$295 QuickBooks clean up

$495 four hour installation

$495 four hour on site class for owner and up to 4 employees

$295 payroll set up no job cost

$495 payroll set up with job cost

$495 inventory set up – no assemblies

$990 inventory set up – with assemblies

$495 to $995 job cost set up (sometimes more)

$495 Make general ledger agree with last year’s tax return

$295 to $495 for online banking or credit cards

$495 class set up (if complicated)

$495 basic installation

Complete outsourced bookkeeping services packages:

                       Monthly account upkeep with bank reconciliation

                      Payroll runs, monthly/quarterly deposits, returns

                      Sales tax returns

                      Weekly account upkeep including accounts payable and receivable 

                      Close books on quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis with accountant

                      Set up budget and assist in monitoring progress

        Group any or all of these into your bookkeeping services package at a custom monthly subscription price


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